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What subtlety and poetry is captured by your brush. Your paintings take my breath away.

Magic really does happen when you hold the brush.

"You are a master... Of all the contemporary still life painters I know of today, you make me think of Peto the most."

Your work is a lovely, authentic, delicious slice of earth & heaven.

Way to go Abbey! Oprah is right, you do make beautiful things! She caught on to what we already knew!

You are absolutely my favorite online artist, love your work.

As a humble collector of your figs and mangos, I already suspected some publisher would finally get around to hailing your keen EYE and heartbreakingly beautiful renaissance style. The eye, dear Abbey, you HAVE IT.

Seth was right. Your work has that je ne sais quois. I have family in the gallery business. . . I know many artists. . . but the PERSON who is painting comes out time after time. Life itself, my actual day, emotions, and outlook on daily affairs is DEFINITIVELY changed when I look at certain work. . . and you madame, are one of those that have that gift to ACTUALLY, measurably, and with great regularity improve the spirit of humanity.

It is PROOF that life is not just worth living but that the dip is worth getting through.

My day is made after I receive your emails with your beautiful paintings. I eagerly await them every day and consider myself privileged to have found you.

These images convey something that painting itself, promised. . . and delivers.

Abbey, another very beautiful and incredible painting. I can almost SMELL this cheese it looks so realistic. I had to laugh as I was thinking that a "scratch n sniff" isn't even needed—the image itself is powerful enough. Very beautifully painted!

I've been receiving your paintings for about 3 months, so that's nearly 100. This is my favorite. Don't get me wrong, I love the minimalist Zen atmosphere of the asymmetrical pair of cherries, but today's painting has an epic quality to it that its predecessors would not have led me to expect possible. If I were a curator, I wouldn't hesitate to hang this painting next to a Chardin. It would definitely hold its own.

Abbey—gad, your use of color and depth in this painting really shows off your inherent artistic genius. I hesitated only a moment on use of the term genius; but I'm thinking that's not an improper word for your work.

As a fellow still-life painter, I applaud your ability to capture the light and texture of the Clementine. Living in Florida, I too paint our citrus that is grown here, but you have masterfully captured this difficult fruit in such a small format that it blows my mind. Absolutely LOVE it.

Without a doubt this is the best PB&J I have ever seen.

So startlingly real, that I'm so tempted to just reach out & eat them.

Gorgeous. Human. Wonderful.

I have long admired your work, but I think your talent has grown and richened with time.

So simple, yet profound. Lovely work, as always!

I look forward to every painting you do, Abbey!
The life and feeling you put into
your art is real.

I find each of your works to be a fine subject of meditation.
As my husband has sunk into deep dementia through the past year and a half, your work has given me a peace of mind and detachment.
Thank you.