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2020 Workshops

Please email Abbey with any questions.

May 18-June 25, 2020
Arcadia University ONLINE
6-week Landscape Painting Fully Online Course
Cost: $2190

TO JOIN THE COURSE, as a visiting, non-matriculated student (adults and high schoolers), please contact Kat Phillips at phillipsk@arcadia.edu for information about registration.

Landscape Painting with Abbey Ryan (view some of my landscape paintings here)
Online course, FA212.1, 3 credits
6 weeks: May 18 - June 25, 2020
Mondays and Wednesdays, 4:30 - 8:20 PM Eastern (a portion of class time will be your painting time where ever you are and a portion of class time will be individual and group Zoom sessions)
15 Seats Available (10 Remain Open)
Cost: $2190 total for 6 weeks

The focus of this course is the direct study of landscape as a painting motif, as understood by painting directly from the source. The class will focus on qualities that are unique to landscape painting in addition to the study of broader issues in painting. Scale of mark in relationship to subject, atmospheric perspective, sense of place, construction of the illusion of space, capturing pictorial light, and painting as an "organism" are considerations that will be highlighted in our study.

Online learning
A portion of class time will be your painting time where ever you are and a portion of class time will be individual and group Zoom sessions.

March 7-8, 2020
The Coppini Academy of Fine Arts, San Antonio, TX
2-Day Painting Seminar

Cost: $275 or $250 depending on membership status at The Coppini Academy
Learn more & Register

June 13-14, 2020
Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia, PA
2-Day Painting Seminar

Cost: $285 or $315 depending on membership status at Woodmere Art Museum
Learn more & Register

October 2020
John F. Peto Museum, Island Heights, NJ
2-Day Painting Seminar

Cost: TBA

Past Seminars

Academy of Realist Art, Boston, MA
Artists of Yardley, PA
John F Peto Museum, NJ
Sedona Arts Center, AZ
Falmouth Arts Center, MA

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Interested in one-on-one instruction in the comfort of your own studio/home?
Learn about my Private Painting Mentoring online and read Mentoring testimonials.

If you would like to propose a venue/location for a painting workshop, please contact me.

Supply list

Supply list will be provided after you register for a workshop. The supply list consists of oil paint, brushes, a palette, and other basic oil painting materials.

Workshop Description

Gain mentoring and valuable insight from Oprah-favorite artist, Abbey Ryan

“Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.” – Plutarch

Abbey shares how painting is about paying attention and capturing a moment. Paying attention in a contemplative way allows you to have a fulfilling relationship with your painting subjects. As painters, we get excited about the exchange of energy manifested through gesture, movement, weight, edges, texture, and color harmony.

Spending time pushing paint around is a lifelong journey. In this workshop, we will explore the poetics and magic of painting. How can a painting be simultaneously meditative and thrilling? The hope is that finding your place in this inquiry can motivate you to paint often and deepen your purpose on your artistic path.

Drawing on her acclaimed career as a painter and teacher, Abbey begins by discussing topics such as selecting painting subjects, concepts and content in still life painting, poetic realism, and her strategies to begin and finish a painting in one sitting. Abbey also shares her thoughts on beauty, gesture, the Old Master’s concept of light as a subject, alla prima painting, celebrating the sensitivities of a brush, and the role of still life painting today.

Through demonstrations and one-on-one instruction, Abbey reveals all of the techniques and methods that have made her daily painting practice so successful and prolific. While working in the studio together, Abbey will address subtleties of color mixing, lighting, materials, blogging, galleries, social media, marketing, and more.

Abbey provides specific, actionable methods and inspiring tips tailored to you to help you move forward on your painting journey.

For all levels, beginner through advanced.

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