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What can Private Painting Mentoring do for you?

My Private Painting Mentoring program has helped painters around the world, and I’d love to work with you. I help to guide you further along your journey and save you years of struggle or frustrating trial and error. Read all the details here. To make sure that Mentoring is a good fit for you, enter your information to access dozens of case studies and reviews from past and current participants.

"Private Painting Mentoring might be the best thing I've spent my hard-earned cash on in a long time. I just don't feel lost like I did before. It's such a personal, customized look at what I'm trying to do; and to have someone like Abbey take the time, as well as share her thoughtful, caring attitude to help guide me is a benefit beyond measure." ~CT

About Abbey Ryan

I love teaching and the long-lasting connection it creates between us. To get a sense of what it's like to work closely with me, read about me, my thoughts on paint, my teaching philosophy, and watch this video about my teaching:

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